traditional kitchen with Aluco windows above sink

Choosing quality windows for your home can really help to boost its visual appeal, both inside and out. Aluco offers an extensive range of high-quality aluminium windows for you to choose from, so you’re certain to find the perfect solution for your home in our range.

Windows in the Aluco range

There are 5 types of windows in the Aluco aluminium range:


Our traditional windows have a classic yet stylish design and will look great in an older home or period property. With the colour and hardware fully customisable, you can still put your own stamp on our traditional windows.


Flush windows are a great option for those looking for a stylish, cost-effective and reliable window type for their home. Due to their design – where the sash fits flat within the profile with no protruding areas – they look beautiful and have a dramatic visual appeal.

Steel look

Aluminium has many benefits over steel, including better thermal efficiency and corrosion resistance, but some people prefer the look of steel. To get the best of both worlds, we offer steel-look windows – like the name suggests, these windows look like steel but they’re actually made from aluminium!


You can maximise the amount of light entering your home with our slim windows. Designed with reduced sightlines, they have a very elegant profile that brings more daylight into your space thanks to the larger glass area.

Equal sightlines

Equal sightline windows offer harmony and balance to your home and look great in period-style properties. Pleasing to look at, every part of the window, including the frame, glass pane and glazing bar are in line.

Why choose Aluco’s aluminium windows?

Firstly, all of the windows in our range match our selection of doors, meaning you can easily create a cohesive finish across your home. Our aluminium windows are available in a wide range of colours too, including single and dual colour options, so all of your interior design needs can be met. There are also a number of hardware options to choose from, and thanks to their aluminium construction, each window is durable, resistant to rust and thermally efficient.

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