exterior of building fitted with Aluco aluminium windows

The industrial style look is the next big thing in home décor, with its timeless look set to last for a long time. Its appeal is largely due to its robust nature, exceptional functionality, and great looks. This article discusses several ways you can infuse such style into your home.

What is the industrial style look?

Industrial style refers to the no-frills, straightforward approach to interior design where most elements focus more on function than form. The overall look is purposeful, yet it still attains an amazing look. For example, wooden beams are only varnished, exposing the beautiful graining. Metal frames are also left exposed, revealing their natural sparkle. The design language takes inspiration from how industrial complexes such as warehouses are designed, with function overriding any aesthetic considerations.How do you achieve that look in your home?

Exposed brick walls

Leaving sections of your brick walls exposed achieves that industrial look while keeping your interior design budget minimal. The natural and earthy look of bricks adds a dimension to your home’s looks that paint cannot achieve. Additionally, the texture complements other interior décor choices well.

Open plan living

Open-plan living is an integral part of the industrial style look. It minimises your need for partitions and allows for natural light and air to flow throughout the house.

Industrial style doors

Industrial style doors are a robust and handsome addition to the overall look. These doors are sturdy enough to keep your house secure while allowing you to mount large glass panes to let in more light. Combing them with industrial-style windows further minimises your need for artificial light. Using aluminium instead of steel minimises costs while giving you easier-to-manage doors.

A minimalist approach

The minimalism philosophy complements all industrial-style hardware choices. You need to avoid stuffing your rooms with unnecessary items. Choosing quality art pieces to hang on bare walls is better than having a random and disorganised collection of paintings. Additionally, you must pick functional and tasteful furniture pieces that don’t take up too much space in the room.


The industrial style appeal stems from form following function and ensuring every element in your home serves a purpose. This minimalist, efficient, and cost-effective approach is possible with the right materials. Get in touch today and let us help you attain that look.