Sliding doors are a modern and sophisticated interior design feature that more and more people are adding to their homes. They’re a simple design choice that really pays off, totally transforming whole rooms. As well as looking good, sliding doors also have other advantages over regular doors.

Increased security

Sliding doors don’t just look modern; they also have modern features. The locks on sliding doors are much stronger than those on typical doors, so you’ll be able to secure individual rooms in your home. You can also choose to install additional locks with ease.

Saved space

Sliding doors fold up neatly when you open them, so they don’t jut out into the space of the room like regular doors do. This gives you some extra space to use and allows you to organise your room without worrying about blocking the doors.

Lots of light

Aluminium sliding doors have slim frames and large panels of glass that let lots of light through, which makes them great for brightening up intimate spaces, such as living rooms or dining rooms. If your home feels dark or dingy, sliding doors can provide all the sunlight that you need to rejuvenate it.

Improved insulation and ventilation

Though insulation and ventilation are two very different things, sliding doors afford you both. In the winter, double-glazed sliding doors will stop heat from escaping underneath them. In the summer, you can open them wide to completely ventilate a stuffy room.

Durable material

Aluminium is a popular material for internal sliding doors because it is so robust and reliable. It doesn’t warp with temperature changes either, so your sliding doors will look great come snow or shine. If you choose aluminium doors for your home, you can be sure that they’ll last.

An example of an internal sliding door we fitted in Portsmouth

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