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Industrial style doors and windows have been steadily increasing in popularity over recent years. Especially those with metal grid frames are very much in the interior design zeitgeist for 2022.

Windows and doors with sleek, sharp lines that let an extraordinary amount of light through, like the steel frames you can find being sold by companies such as Crittall®, can bring so much life and space to a room.

However, there are some drawbacks to using steel for these frames. There are some reasons why you might want to try alternatives instead. The main alternative to steel for this kind of construction is aluminium. So why is aluminium a better choice for Crittall-style doors and windows?

Advantages of aluminium doors and windows over steel

Aluminium has many advantages over the steel used by companies like Crittall®.

We’re not saying steel is a bad choice, but in many cases aluminium could be the better option for a home or working space. Let’s go through some of the reasons you might want to consider an Aluco aluminium door or window.

The advantages of aluminium

  • Cost – One of the main advantages that aluminium has over steel is the cost. The two materials have roughly the same value per kilogram, but aluminium is much lighter, making it go further and therefore much more cost-effective. The steel is a large part of the reason why Crittall-style doors are usually so expensive.
  • Weight – As above, aluminium is much more lightweight than steel. This can be especially advantageous when building doors and windows. This is because with a heavier material they could easily become too heavy to easily open and close. Lower weight also keeps shipping and handling fees down, as it is easier and cheaper to transport a lorry full of light aluminium compared to one of heavy steel.
  • Customisability – Aluminium can be easily customised with a variety of metallic finishes and colours to suit any style and circumstance. The most common finish for aluminium is powder coating, although Aluco Hampshire’s ‘Luxe’ collection combines both anodised and powder-coated finishes. For more information on Aluco’s wide variety of colours, see our full range here.
  • • Durability – Unlike steel, aluminium doesn’t rust. Steel usually relies on paints, coatings and varnishes to hold back the weathering process, and in some cases may need periodic touch-ups. Aluminium, on the other hand, requires little to no maintenance.

These are just a couple of the main reasons why Aluco’s aluminium doors work perfectly as alternatives to Crittall-style doors. There are multitudes more, such as aluminium having shorter lead times in general. Aluco also has better thermal properties making it better for windows and doors.

For more of the advantages of aluminium for door and window frames, read our guide here.

Consult the experts

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