Aluco expanse double opening bifold door with 4 panes

When selecting a new front door for your property, you will soon find that two popular options present more durable solutions than traditional materials – PVC and aluminium. While a PVC door may be a low-cost solution, it is unable to compete with the advantages offered by an aluminium option. In this blog, we’ll explore what gives doors manufactured from aluminium the edge.

Outstanding thermal efficiency

With energy prices skyrocketing across the UK, insulating properties has never been more important. If a home struggles to retain warmth, heating systems must work harder and, as a result, must use more fuel to run. When closed, front doors should block draughts and prevent warmth from escaping. Aluminium doors can provide far better thermal efficiency than both timber and PVC doors, making them a far better selection when you want to reduce the size of your energy bill over the colder months of the year.

Enhanced security

Aluminium doors are designed with their end user in mind and, as a result, are lightweight making them easy to close and open. While PVC doors are also lightweight, they do not have the strength of an aluminium option. PVC doors are typically around 44mm thick while the panels of an aluminium door can have thicknesses of up to 90mm depending on the product. Front doors are among the most common entry points for burglars, so those seeking to fortify their homes should consider one manufactured from aluminium.

Built to last

Like PVC portals, aluminium doors are exceptionally low maintenance. As a result, they are simple to keep in perfect condition ensuring they look great and last for a long time. However, the average active service life of an aluminium door (45 years) far surpasses that of a PVC solution (30 years). Consequently, those who wish for a solid return on their investment will find aluminium doors advantageous.

Compatibility and appearance

Finally, aluminium doors present a more attractive and high-end aesthetic than PVC doors. Larger door sizes are also available in aluminium, making it an excellent option for homes with a larger entrance and property owners seeking to enhance the overall look of their property.

Many modern homes feature aluminium windows. As a result, homeowners often seek out aluminium doors that match their residence’s existing window frames for a more cohesive look and streamlined aesthetic.

Experts in aluminium doors

At Aluco Hampshire we are proud to provide services for our customers on the south coast of England. We supply Aluco aluminium doors for a wide variety of different settings and purposes, from heritage estates to commercial buildings and small hotels. Always tailored to suit the specific needs of our client, the Aluco products we provide can offer a traditional appeal to your property and blend seamlessly with your environment.

We can both supply and install the aluminium door of your choosing, making Aluco Hampshire an ideal option when you need a comprehensive service. Get in touch with our expert team today to discuss your requirements and receive a free quote.